Chan­nel your in­ner boss witch and in­ter­pret these *mys­ti­cal* mean­ings as you will…

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The story goes that in the 14th cen­tury, tarot cards came from Turkey be­fore spread­ing through Europe. From there, they be­came pop­u­lar across the globe to be used as a for­tune-telling tool by mys­tics ev­ery­where. Now, it’s your turn! Tarot cards work by tap­ping into our in­nate psy­chic abil­i­ties to draw the card that holds a rev­e­la­tion about the fu­ture. 1 Fo­cus on a ques­tion about your life that you want an­swered. If you’re read­ing cards for some­one else, ask them to dis­cuss what’s con­cern­ing them. 2 Shuf­fle the cards, or if you’re read­ing the cards for some­one else, let them shuf­fle. 3 When you sense you have shuf­fled enough, sep­a­rate the cards into three even piles. Again, if read­ing for some­one else, ask them to do it. 4 Turn over the first card from each pile. The left pile rep­re­sents your past, the mid­dle is your present and the right is your fu­ture. 5 In­ter­pret the mean­ings in the po­si­tion they have been drawn. So, if you draw the High Pri­est­ess card in the past po­si­tion that says, “A con­fronta­tion is com­ing your way”, then it is re­fer­ring to a con­fronta­tion that has al­ready hap­pened in your past. 6 Think about the words that come up in your mind when you see each card, as your in­tu­ition will guide you.

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