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TAURUS April 21 – May 21 Not sure if it’s the b’day glow or Venus in your Sun sign, but you’re peak­ing right now! Ex­pect all of the flirty texts but not the dol­larz as Mer­cury sits in ret­ro­grade. On June 3, you’ll face con­fu­sion at work or school, but stay­ing open will teach you some life lessons. Keep roses nearby to pull in those ro­man­tic feels. CAN­CER June 22 – July 23 The first half of May will see your so­cial life boom­ing, but around May 24, your relationships take a slight turn and you’ll opt for some “me time”. Come June, a to­tal makeover will be in or­der. You’ll spon­ta­neously feel the de­sire to change your hair, up­date your wardrobe and re­turn to the so­cial scene. The pro­tec­tive prop­er­ties of lilies ward off mis­chief and drama. VIRGO Au­gust 24 – Septem­ber 23 May will start with a bang as awe­some op­por­tu­ni­ties arise and you find your­self on a lucky streak, but as the sun op­poses Mars on the 22nd, you’ll feel over­worked. Never fear Virgo, as it’ll pay off in June and you’ll fi­nally have the funds you’ve been wait­ing for. Keep but­ter­cups around for pros­per­ity and hap­pi­ness. GEMINI May 22 – June 21 You’re about to head into ten­sion city as Jupiter in­ter­acts with Saturn. Around May 21, you’ll strug­gle to bal­ance work and play, so make sure you find time for study AND a PLL marathon with the squad. But all of the drams in your life should have cleared up by the end of June. Free­dom!

Stressed out to the max? The smell of laven­der will help you to chill. LEO July 24 – Au­gust 23 You’ll be throw­ing dol­lar bills in the air af­ter May 9 as Jupiter boosts your fi­nances. You’ll earn the re­spect of a teacher or your boss on May 24 and Mer­cury, the planet of friend­ship, will make your squad tighter than ever. But try not to brag about your so­cial sta­tus as your words may be mis­con­strued. Make a wish upon a seed found in a sun­flower head and it’ll come true. LIBRA Septem­ber 24 – Oc­to­ber 23 Af­ter a pe­riod of feel­ing unin­spired, your spark will re­turn, bring­ing with it a new­found thirst for life that’ll lead you on an ex­cit­ing ad­ven­ture where you’ll meet some­one spe­cial. But watch your step Li­brans, as the Sun op­poses Mars and an in­ci­dent oc­curs that’ll knock you on your butt. Uh-oh! As the flower of re­birth, blue­bells will trig­ger your new­found spirit.

SCORPIO Oc­to­ber 24 – Novem­ber 22 Your pos­i­tive en­ergy will make peo­ple ~swoon~ to be in your life, but you’ll ex­pe­ri­ence a re­al­ity check in June when you re­alise you’ve been wast­ing your kind­ness on some­one. Cut­ting off this toxic re­la­tion­ship will be tough, but it’s for the greater good. Sur­round your space with gera­ni­ums to ward off neg­a­tive peeps. CAPRICORN De­cem­ber 23 – Jan­uary 20 You must have been mak­ing milk­shakes, ’cos the first week of May will bring all of the boys to your yard. On May 21, there’ll be is­sues at school or work, but you’ll have a win on the 27th, un­til a bad de­ci­sion leads to a fi­nan­cial slump around June 3. Dang! Carry pan­sies in a charm bag to help make your crush no­tice you. PISCES Fe­bru­ary 20 – March 20 You’ll tap into a source of cre­ativ­ity that you never knew you had, per­haps with a school as­sign­ment or a per­sonal project. The move­ments of Mars will bring out your spir­i­tual side and in­tu­ition. Con­ve­nient, as you’ll be un­der in­tense as­tro­log­i­cal pres­sure at school or work. Re­mem­ber, hard work pays off in the long run! Place a poppy on your win­dowsill to draw dol­larz to­ward you. SAGITTARIUS Novem­ber 23 – De­cem­ber 22 As Jupiter squares Saturn in May, a feud of K-pez and T-swiz­zle pro­por­tions may go down as your Sagit­tar­ian stub­born­ness gets the bet­ter of you. You’re a vi­sion­ary gal, but some­times peo­ple don’t un­der­stand you, so work on ex­press­ing your­self bet­ter. The beau­ti­ful aura of car­na­tions will keep you fo­cused on your goal. AQUARIUS Jan­uary 21 – Fe­bru­ary 19 Good news for the fam-bam as your karmic con­nec­tion is strength­ened to the point where you’ll find your­self ac­tu­ally want­ing to spend time with them. Shock hor­ror! But as Mars sits in ret­ro­grade, there’ll be a bit of a rift in your squad, so some alone-time will also be in or­der. When you’re feel­ing low, or­chids will high­light your beauty and lift you up. ARIES March 21 – April 20 Some­thing you’ve been putting off all year will pop up on May 9 as Jupiter goes for­ward and your pow­ers of ex­pres­sion go off. You’ll fo­cus on your health by ex­er­cis­ing lots and eat­ing well #healthy­lyf. A chal­lenge may arise around May 26, so make sure you’re tak­ing care of your­self. Sur­round your­self with hon­ey­suckle to en­cour­age longevity and healthy liv­ing.

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