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Oven-bake clay in 5 colours – we’ve used white, black and grey as our base colours, pink and pur­ple for one bowl and blue and green for the other.

Rolling pin or glass jar Craft knife Small oven-safe bowl Me­tal­lic gold paint Small paint­brush TO MAKE: 1. Pre­heat the oven to 110ºc. 2. Roll each colour of clay into a snake about 10cm long. Make 2 thicker white snakes, 1 medium grey snake, 1 thin black snake and with the re­main­ing 2 colours make 2 medi­um­sized snakes. 3. Us­ing a twist­ing mo­tion (think candy cane stripes), com­bine all 5 snakes to make 1 big twisted snake. 4. Roll your large twist into 1 long, thin snake twice its orig­i­nal length. Then, fold the snake in half and twist it around it­self again in a candy cane pat­tern. Re­peat this step twice more to mix the colours through, cre­at­ing a mar­ble look. 5. Smoosh all the clay to­gether into a ball – make sure most of the colours you want are on the top­side. Then, us­ing a rolling pin or clear glass jar, flat­ten out your ball like you’re flat­ten­ing out pizza! We used a clear glass jar so that we could see how our colours were mar­bling. Make sure your clay is at least 1cm thick. 6. Us­ing a craft knife and the open end of your oven-safe bowl, trace and cut your dish shape out of clay. Then, place it in the oven-safe bowl so it’s lin­ing the bot­tom of the bowl; this cre­ates your dish shape. 7. Bake your clay dish for 30 min­utes (or the rec­om­mended time on your clay pack­ag­ing). 8. Re­move your bowl from the oven and al­low it to cool com­pletely be­fore turn­ing it up­side down and gen­tly tap­ping out your new ring dish. Once the clay is out of the bowl and com­pletely cooled, use a small paint­brush to paint the rim of the dish gold, then al­low the paint to dry. Since you’re work­ing with bake clay, the dish will be slightly flex­i­ble when cooled. It will still keep shape and hold your rings like a boss. Just make sure you keep it out of di­rect sun­light and away from heat.

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