Everything you need to know about your ~dreams~ along with spells and charms to sum­mon nightly vi­sions.

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Mys­tic Matt presents his ‘wildest dreams’ spe­cial.

Wel­come back to DOLLY Des­tiny! It’s been an ab­so­lute dream to cre­ate this guide all about, well, dreams. Ac­cord­ing to the an­cient mys­tics, dreams are like a se­cond life where the soul is freed from its body to suss out scenes of the fu­ture. That’s be­cause the doors to our in­nate psy­chic abil­ity are wide open while we sleep, al­low­ing vi­sions to come to us in the form of a dream. These spells en­hance your nightly psy­chic pow­ers so your dreams be­come more vivid. Dream magic isn’t an ex­act science, so it may take a few tries for the vi­sion to come to you. In the past, these spells have brought me dreams of fu­ture events be­fore they hap­pened. Cool, right!? I hope your dreams come true… lit­er­ally.

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