DOLLY ex­plores the deep bonds that are formed through a mu­tual ob­ses­sion with baben' celebs.

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In boy bands we trust.


It’s not easy be­ing a Belieber when your fam can’t stand Justin and it sucks be­ing a Direc­tioner in a squad of 1D haters (yes, such peo­ple ex­ist! *gasp*). ’Cos when all you want to do is dis­cuss your dream date with Jakob Del­gado or comb through your Larry the­o­ries, no one will give you the time of day. So when you meet peo­ple who share your undy­ing de­vo­tion to your idol, a friend­ship is formed un­like any other.


Ah, the peo­ple you’ll meet when you’re wait­ing in a cold line at the ridicu­lous hour of 6am to see your king or kween per­form. Be­cause while you’re fan­girling to the peeps in line be­side you, you could meet a life­long friend. Ear­lier this year, DOLLY put on a pop-up con­cert with hot boy band In Stereo, which saw Stere­ona­tors from all over Sydney de­scend on Luna Park to see their three main men. Among the herd of scream­ing fans were school friends Jorja, Rachael, Ella and their new friend Jess who they met through the Stereonator fan­dom. “I met them be­cause of In Stereo,” says Jess of her squad. “When we met on that day it felt like we were al­ready re­ally close,” she con­tin­ues. “None of my friends like In Stereo and they hate it when I talk about them, so it was so great to meet these guys.” From then on, Jess, Ella, Rachael and Jorja have been tight AF. They do everything to­gether from sleep­overs to cel­e­brate the band’s EP re­lease to get­ting their mums to take turns drop­ping them off at con­certs, to pool­ing their birthday and pocket money to buy presents for the boys. Col­lec­tively, they’ve seen the band per­form 28 times, met them 10 times and spent more than $300 on tick­ets, mer­chan­dise and gifts for the boys. For these gals, fan­girling over boy bands is just an­other way to hang out. #squad­goals


Thanks to so­cial me­dia, it’s ba­si­cally im­pos­si­ble to be part of a fan­dom and not make a friend. “While we’re in line for a con­cert, we chat [to other fans] and get ex­cited for the show,” says Jorja. “Then we take photos of each other and tag our­selves so that we can find each other on­line.” “We have a big In Stereo group chat,” Rachael con­tin­ues. “We start talk­ing [to other fans] in com­ments and then say, ‘hey, do you want to DM’?” When DOLLY told the boys about this, Jakob said, “It’s awe­some that the Stereonator fan­dom is cre­at­ing friend­ships.” Chris agreed, “It’s re­ally cool that we can bring peo­ple to­gether.” Ethan says they hear this from fans a lot. “Yeah, they say to us, ‘TY In Stereo for help­ing me find my best friend.’” The use of In­sta and Twit­ter has meant that fan­girls from other states and even other coun­tries can get in touch to chat about their idols, which has a huge im­pact on some peo­ple, as Ella found. “I made friends with this girl ’cos she was like, ‘I’m re­ally sad’, and then we started Dming and we got re­ally close, then she met the boys and I was like ‘I’m so ex­cited for you!’” And as for the girls’ friend­ship, they’re in it for the long haul. “In maths, Jorja draws pic­tures of Ethan that I’ve col­lected and I’m mak­ing a scrap­book so if they get mar­ried, I’ll give it to them,” says Ella, as she turns to Jorja. “I ship you with Ethan! At least you know I’m not go­ing to steal him from you.” Now that’s friend­ship.

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