Want to know what your crazy dreams are telling you? Mys­tic Matt un­rav­els the ~mys­tery~ be­hind your dreams…

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ABAN­DON­MENT If you dream that you’re aban­doned, you need to let go of past feel­ings. If you’re aban­don­ing oth­ers, you’re feel­ing over­whelmed and ne­glected.

AB­SENCE To be up­set about a miss­ing per­son in a dream means that you need to apol­o­gise to some­one.

AC­QUAIN­TANCE To talk nicely to an ac­quain­tance in a dream in­di­cates a happy school and home life. To have an ar­gu­ment with them warns that you’ll soon be hu­mil­i­ated. Af­ter the dream, they may con­tact you.

AN­SWER If you dream of an an­swer to a ques­tion that you have IRL, you must take the an­swer se­ri­ously.

APOLOGISING Any form of dream apol­ogy pre­dicts that you’ll be for­given or you’ll soon be for­giv­ing of some­one who has wronged you.

AR­GU­MENT To dream that you are ar­gu­ing with some­one fore­tells an un­pleas­ant con­ver­sa­tion.

AU­DI­ENCE To stand be­fore an au­di­ence of peo­ple who aren’t lis­ten­ing means that you need to be more as­sertive. If they’re pay­ing at­ten­tion, you’ll be hon­oured for some­thing.


BABY A cry­ing baby in­di­cates bad health, dis­ap­point­ments and miss­ing out on good times. A happy baby in­di­cates re­quited love and a happy squad.

BE­HAV­IOUR To ex­hibit or wit­ness strange be­hav­iour means that you’re tak­ing life too se­ri­ously.

BLOOD To see blood in­di­cates bad luck, fi­nan­cial loss, be­trayal and an un­com­fort­able friend­ship.

BROTHER If he’s in good health, either he or you will soon re­ceive great for­tune. How­ever if he’s in dis­tress, you’ll lose some­thing.

BUGS Un­pleas­ant com­pli­ca­tions will arise. Don’t let neggo peeps in­flu­ence you!

CCAT If a cat at­tacks you, your en­e­mies are try­ing to dam­age your rep. If you scare the cat away, you’ll rise above the haters and achieve for­tune. If it’s a kit­ten, you’re cur­rently in a tran­si­tional phase, seek­ing in­de­pen­dence.

CLOTH­ING White – sad changes. Black – dis­ap­point­ment. Coloured – quick changes that’ll have pros and cons. Poorly fit­ting – mis­takes. New clothes – pros­per­ity.

COUSIN Warn­ing of dis­ap­point­ment.


DE­CEASED To dream of a loved one who has passed means that they’re fondly think­ing of you and giv­ing you

AN­I­MALS Friendly an­i­mals are a pos­i­tive omen. See­ing an­i­mals that you’re afraid of is a neg­a­tive omen. CAR Rid­ing in a car means a jour­ney is afoot, as you’re feel­ing rest­less. If you are driv­ing, you’ll be un­fairly crit­i­cised.

a mes­sage from be­yond. If you don’t know the spirit, you must an­a­lyse the rest of the dream to un­der­stand the mes­sage.


EM­BAR­RASS­MENT The more in­tensely you’re em­bar­rassed in a dream, the larger your fu­ture suc­cess will be.

EN­EMY To en­gage with an en­emy in­di­cates that you’ll soon need to de­fend your­self. If you beat the en­emy in your dream, you will avoid con­flict.

EX-BF To dream of lost love rep­re­sents un­re­solved is­sues and the search for a happy re­la­tion­ship.

EXAM If you’re fail­ing, you are aim­ing too high and will fall flat. If you’re pass­ing, your goals are within reach.


FAME To dream of be­ing fa­mous fore­tells of un­ful­filled as­pi­ra­tions, and a need to rein in your de­sire for con­stant val­i­da­tion from oth­ers.

FA­THER A warn­ing of a tough sitch com­ing up that’ll re­quire some ~ma­jor~ help from a trusted source.

FEAR To feel afraid means that there’ll be trouble in your home life and a project will be un­suc­cess­ful.

FRIENDS If they’re happy, you’ll soon en­counter them IRL. If they’re un­happy, dis­tress will come their way.


GOS­SIP To be in­ter­ested in gos­sip means that you’re trust­ing some­one who isn’t de­serv­ing of you. GUY If he is hand­some, you will soon be blessed with a gift. If he’s unattrac­tive, you’ll be dis­ap­pointed.


HAIR If it’s cut short, you’ll soon be dis­ap­pointed. If it falls out, you’ll lose money. If it’s long and lus­cious, you’re in good health and con­tent with life. HAPPY Bliss­ful dreams in­di­cate the op­po­site. They oc­cur to make up for your real-life trou­bles. HID­ING If you’re hid­ing, this refers to se­crets you’re keep­ing that need to be dealt with as they’re weigh­ing you down. HOME To see your­self at home means that you’re set­tled and se­cure. If you can’t find your home, you’ll soon lose faith in oth­ers and/or your­self. If you’re chang­ing homes, ex­pect a fun ad­ven­ture.


JOUR­NEY If you find your­self on a pleas­ant jour­ney, ex­pect a pleas­ant change. How­ever, if it’s an un­pleas­ant jour­ney, ex­pect an un­pleas­ant change.


KISS­ING If you’re kiss­ing your crush in the dark, you should be­ware of reck­less ac­tions IRL. If kiss­ing them in the light, your love is true. If kiss­ing an en­emy, you’ll rec­on­cile with a for­mer friend.


LAN­GUAGES To hear or speak a foreign lan­guage means you’re hav­ing trouble un­der­stand­ing peo­ple. LIGHT­NING If it strikes above you, ex­pect hap­pi­ness and pros­per­ity. If it comes from dark clouds, you’ll be let down. LOSS To dream of los­ing some­thing means that you’ll have to over­come a per­sonal ob­sta­cle. LOVE To dream of be­ing in lurve refers to intense feel­ings that are on your mind. The per­son you’re in love with has ad­mirable qual­i­ties that you see in your­self.

DOG A silent dog de­notes loy­alty. A barking dog warns you to be­ware of a bad friend. GIFT To re­ceive a gift fore­tells that you’ll be un­usu­ally for­tu­nate. To give a gift is bad luck.


MAGIC In­di­cates pleas­ant sur­prises. MONEY To find money in­di­cates happy changes. To lose money warns of un­happy times. To pay for some­thing de­notes mis­for­tune. To steal money is a sign of dan­ger. MON­STER To be chased by a mon­ster in­di­cates sor­row and mis­for­tune. To de­feat one means that you’ll over­come an en­emy. MOTHER If she’s happy, you will soon hear some good news. If she’s call­ing out to you, it means that you’re mak­ing a bad de­ci­sion. MOV­ING To change homes, schools or jobs in a dream means that you’ll find peace and hap­pi­ness right where you are with­out hav­ing to change any­thing.


NAKEDNESS To be naked de­notes a fear of be­ing em­bar­rassed and ex­posed. To see some­one naked sug­gests that you’re be­ing de­ceived.


PUN­ISH­MENT This could in­di­cate in­ner guilt or a sign that you’re about to be brought to peo­ple’s at­ten­tion… or both!


RAIN Be­ing caught in the rain is a sign of good for­tune and up­com­ing fun events. REC­ON­CILE To rekin­dle your re­la­tion­ship with some­one in­di­cates a fu­ture ar­gu­ment that’ll need to be rec­on­ciled. RE­VENGE To seek vengeance warns that some­one will do you wrong, and your de­sire for re­venge will get the bet­ter of you. ROOM To en­ter a strange room cau­tions you to take care of your friends.


SCREAM­ING If you’re scream­ing, it’s a good omen. How­ever if oth­ers are scream­ing, ex­pect dis­tress­ing news. SEARCH­ING To search for some­thing with­out know­ing what it is means you’re wast­ing your time on a project or per­son. If you know what it is but fail to find it, a re­la­tion­ship will end. SILENCE Silent dreams warn that you need to be care­ful of what you say to the peeps around you, as an up­com­ing con­ver­sa­tion will lead to a nasty ar­gu­ment. SIS­TER There will be a dis­agree­ment in your house­hold that’ll cause a di­vide in your fam. To dream of ar­gu­ing with your sis in­di­cates your strug­gle to ac­cept other points of view. STUDY To see your­self study­ing in a dream in­di­cates pos­i­tive en­deav­ours.


TEACHER You will start to get a kick out of what you’re learn­ing. TEARS If you are cry­ing, you will ex­pe­ri­ence a happy up­turn. If a friend is cry­ing, they need your help IRL. TRAGEDY This dream warns of mis­un­der­stand­ings and dis­ap­point­ments.


WHIS­PER­ING To dream that you’re whis­per­ing means that you will be dis­turbed by idle gos­sip. WOMAN You will hear some­thing in­trigu­ing. If you’re ar­gu­ing with the woman, you will soon be out­wit­ted.


ZOO This in­di­cates you are feel­ing trapped in your busy and ~chaotic~ life.

PARTY If you’re hav­ing fun at a party, you’ll en­joy happy mo­ments IRL. If you’re not, you need to work on your so­cial skills. TRAV­EL­LING If trav­el­ling through rough, un­known places, you’re about to en­counter en­e­mies. If trav­el­ling through gor­geous scenery, plea­sur­able times are com­ing your way.

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