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Mys­tic Matt shares *mys­ti­cal* spells and re­veals what in­cense and oils to use in ev­ery sitch. Plus, your horo­scope!

Wel­come to DOLLY Destiny, your go-to for all things mys­tic. Just like death, taxes and a de­vo­tion to ~dreamy~ celebs who will never know we ex­ist, gos­sip is an in­evitable part of life. There will al­ways be sad lit­tle peo­ple who talk about you be­hind your back ’cos they’re jel AF and need to make them­selves feel bet­ter. When this hap­pens, you can do one of two things: get all down and let it af­fect you, or make like my girl Tay­lor and shake that sh*t off. Be­cause you’re a strong boss-babe, you’re obvs go­ing to go with the sec­ond op­tion, so in this is­sue I’ve in­cluded a gos­sip-ban­ish­ing spell to help. See, that’s the thing about magic – it em­pow­ers you and helps you em­brace your in­ner kween. You’ve got this!

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