Stretches that will take you right back to your first dance class – but are great for flex­i­bil­ity!

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Stretch it real good.

BUT­TER­FLY STRETCH For glutes, hips and groin area.

1 In a seated po­si­tion, draw the feet in to­wards you, bend­ing your knees. 2 Hold the out­sides of your feet with your hands. 3 Push your knees to­wards the floor us­ing your el­bows. 4 Hold for 3-5 deep breaths.

SIDE-LUNGE STRETCH For in­ner thigh and hip flexor.

1 Stand with your legs wider than the hips and feet pointed to the sides. 2 Bend through the knees into a squat­ting po­si­tion (place hands on the floor if you need). Aim to keep your heels on the floor. 3 Shift your weight onto your left leg and slowly straighten your right knee, point­ing the right foot. 4 Hold for 3-5 deep breaths; swap sides.

LAT­ERAL STRETCH For side body, in­ner thighs and hips.

1 Sit with legs open to a wide an­gle, point­ing through your feet. 2 Shift your rib cage to the left and then be­gin to reach your right arm over your head, send­ing your left arm to the floor. 4 Hold for 2 breaths; swap sides.

FOR­WARD FOLD For ham­strings and spine.

1 Stand with your feet and legs to­gether. Bend your knees and slowly roll down through your spine, start­ing with the head, un­til you reach your an­kles. 2 Straighten your knees and keep the chest touch­ing the thigh. 3 To come out of the stretch bend through the knees again and very slowly roll up through the spine, ar­riv­ing last with your head.

LOW-LUNGE QUAD STRETCH For hip flexor and quadri­ceps.

1 While kneel­ing, step your right foot for­ward so the knee is above the an­kle. 2 Grab your left an­kle with your right hand, place your right hand on the floor. Sink your hips and gen­tly pull your left foot to­wards you. Press into your right palm. 3 Hold for 3-5 deep breaths; swap sides.

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