Dolly - - Letter From The Editor -

I have about 100 band shirts in my col­lec­tion – ob­sessed much? Here are some of my near­est and dear­est.

BRUCE SPRING­STEEN, 1984 This mus­cle tee was one of my first vin­tage pur­chases – I scored it for $60 on ebay. When it ar­rived it was so stained and gross. My mum soaked it and it was as good as new!

GUNS N’ ROSES, 1991 My fave vin­tage tee! It’s nice and big, and I cut the sleeves off. It has a swear word on the back so I have to wear a jacket if I’m go­ing to be around any­one who is eas­ily of­fended…

ONE DI­REC­TION, 2015 While it’s not old (I bought it at their Syd­ney show last year), I call this ‘vin­tage’ any­way be­cause Zayn is on it! It’s prob­a­bly go­ing to be a col­lec­tors’ item one day… so if you’ve got one, hang on to it!

BON JOVI, 1980S This tee has that ~le­git~ vin­tage vibe – the cot­ton is re­ally thin and the words are faded. It is a lit­tle too big for me but I just roll up the sleeves and tuck it into high-waisted jeans or a skirt.

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