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When you first buy a new piece of jew­ellery, it’s im­por­tant that you cleanse it of the vibes it picked up on its jour­ney to you and mag­i­cally charge it with your own en­ergy.


Dried rose­mary

Sea salt

The piece of jew­ellery

1. Grind the rose­mary and add a ta­ble­spoon of sea salt.

2. Let the piece of jew­ellery rest on the mix­ture for 24 hours, while you vi­su­alise it be­ing pu­ri­fied and be­long­ing to you.

3. Now that your jew­ellery has been cleansed, you’ll need to charge the item to im­bue it with your per­sonal en­ergy. Hold it in­side both hands, close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths while you fo­cus on flow­ing your en­ergy into the item.

4. When you feel suf­fi­cient ab­sorp­tion, leave it un­der sun­light and then moon­light for ex­tra power.

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