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Just like the moon af­fects the tide and peo­ple’s moods, it is also be­lieved to have the power to al­ter your hair. It won’t turn you into Ra­pun­zel, but it will mag­i­cally pro­mote nat­u­ral growth. Here are ways to tap into the lu­nar en­ergy. Place a lock of your hair un­der a stone within liv­ing wa­ter (like a river or a creek) to stim­u­late growth and im­prove the gen­eral ap­pear­ance of your hair. Leave spring wa­ter in moon­light, then wash your hair with the lu­nar-charged wa­ter. Brush your hair un­der the light of the moon for growth and to in­crease your hair’s lus­tre. To en­cour­age hair growth, get your hair cut dur­ing the wax­ing moon. If your hair is grow­ing too fast and you want to slow growth, get it cut dur­ing the wan­ing moon.

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