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DOLLY susses out what to do when your BFF’S par­ents aren’t your big­gest fans.

Best friends are pretty damn hard to find, so when you do you prom­ise that noth­ing will ever get be­tween you. But if, for what­ever rea­son, their par­ents aren’t too keen on you, it can make things pretty tough. Natasha*, 16, was mega close with her bestie Scar­let* un­til she found out Scar­let’s mum didn’t like her, which took a ma­jor toll on their friend­ship. “When­ever I went to Scar­let’s house for a sleepover, her mum would be very up­tight. Like, Scar­let and I would be laugh­ing and hav­ing a good time and her mum would give me a se­ri­ous look, and lit­er­ally ev­ery move I made she’d be like ‘Don’t touch that!’. “One time, we had just got back to school from a three-day sports trip. Her mum picked us up and we were telling her about it, and she seemed very un­happy when we told her we had stayed up past cur­few. “The next week­end, I had planned a sleepover at my house and she wasn’t al­lowed to come over, which re­ally con­fused me ’cos Scar­let was re­ally ex­cited for it. My other besties were like ‘Her mum thinks you’re a bad in­flu­ence on her so she doesn’t want her hang­ing out with you’. “I was shocked. I was a good stu­dent...yeah, I was a lit­tle cheeky, but so was Scar­let! “As we started get­ting older, we went to par­ties to­gether. But if her mum found out we were go­ing to­gether, Scar­let wouldn’t be al­lowed to go any­more ’cos her mum as­sumed that since I was go­ing it must be a re­ally crazy party – which they weren’t! “Since we weren’t al­lowed to go out to­gether, she started hang­ing out with other girls in the grade. On Mon­days, our squad would be talk­ing about the great time we had on the week­end and Scar­let would feel left out ‘cos she wasn’t al­lowed to go, so that re­ally af­fected our friend­ship and even­tu­ally we drifted apart.” Ac­cord­ing to psy­chother­a­pist Dr Karen Phillip (drkaren­phillip. com), Natasha’s story is a com­mon one. “Par­ents are eas­ily con­cerned a friend may badly in­flu­ence their daugh­ter, so they be­come over­pro­tec­tive,” she says. The so­lu­tion? Show her parentals that you are a model stu­dent and, more im­por­tantly, an ~amaze~ friend! Im­press them by dis­play­ing a high stan­dard of be­hav­iour, and talk to the par­ents on their level so they can con­nect with you and un­der­stand that you’re a great friend.

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