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Is there some­thing you RE­ALLY want RN? Man­i­fest your wish by sum­mon­ing pos­i­tive en­ergy and mag­i­cal ~vibes~ us­ing the power of na­ture. For op­ti­mum power, round up your squad on New Year’s Eve and cast these spells at mid­night; the end of one year and the start of the next is a su­per mys­ti­cal time, and, as they say, there’s power in num­bers!

Bay leaves aren’t just used for cook­ing – they’re be­lieved to hold *spir­i­tual* prop­er­ties. Write your wish on a leaf and safely burn it to send your re­quest off to the spirit realm.

Pick a dan­de­lion and fo­cus on your wish. If you can blow all the seeds off the dan­de­lion with one breath, your wish will be ful­filled.

Write your wish on a sage leaf and place it be­neath your pil­low for three con­sec­u­tive nights. If the leaf ap­pears in your dreams at any point dur­ing the three nights, your wish will come true. If not, what you’re re­quest­ing is too com­plex, so bury the leaf in the earth, re­quest­ing your wish to grow to fruition.

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