Dolly - - Gifted -


• Brown wrap­ping pa­per • Sticky tape • Scis­sors • White card­board • Pen­cil • Thin hat elas­tic


Note: this works best on square-shaped presents.

1. Wrap the present in brown pa­per, then lay it on top of a piece of white card­board and trace around the gift. This will give you an idea of how big you can make Santa’s beard.

2. Draw a bearded shape on the card­board (don’t for­get his mous­tache) and cut it out. Find where his mouth should be (be­tween the beard and the mo’) and draw it in, then poke a hole in the cen­tre of the mouth and, us­ing scis­sors, cut it out.

3. Poke two small holes on ei­ther side of his beard (this is where the elas­tic will go through), then mea­sure the amount of elas­tic you’ll need to fit your beard around your present and cut it to length.

4. Thread the elas­tic through the holes and tie it off on the front side of your beard to se­cure. Pop it around your pressie.

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