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IF YOU WERE TO DE­SCRIBE YOUR BAND US­ING ONLY EMO­JIS, WHICH ONES WOULD YOU USE? MI­RANDA: Fire! RENA: The uni­corn. CASEY: Prob­a­bly the smirky face. IAIN: The face with sun­glasses. NIA: The skull emoji. WHO ARE YOUR MU­SI­CAL IN­SPI­RA­TIONS? MI­RANDA: The 1975. CASEY: Lana Del Rey. MI­RANDA: Katy Perry. HOW DID YOU GUYS GET SIGNED TO 5SOS’ LA­BEL, HI OR HEY RECORDS? RENA: We had a friend who was work­ing at a record la­bel and she was like “5 Sec­onds of Sum­mer is look­ing for a fe­male-fronted band” and we were like “Hey, we’re a fe­male-fronted band!”. So then the 5SOS guys came to our house and I just re­mem­ber them be­ing so tall, like my neck started to hurt from look­ing up at them. We were all re­ally stoked and vib­ing off each other. WERE YOU GUYS BIG 5SOS FANS PRIOR TO MEET­ING THEM? NIA: We knew ‘She Looks So Per­fect’ and ‘Am­ne­sia’, but we didn’t know much else about them. Then, as soon as we met them and they showed us their mu­sic, we just in­stantly be­came fans. They’re prob­a­bly one of my favourite bands now – I love watch­ing them! HAVE THE GUYS FROM 5SOS BEEN SHOW­ING YOU THE BEST BITS OF AUS­TRALIA? CASEY: They took us to a pizza place af­ter a show, which was a ton of fun. They know all the spots! RENA: Yeah, Ash­ton took us out. He was like “I gotta show you guys these al­ley­ways!”. They re­minded us a lot of Europe ’cos they were these back al­ley­ways that had restau­rants – it was su­per cool. He was all ex­cited about show­ing us around.

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