Let’s suss out which #goals car­toon gal is lit­er­ally you.

Dolly - - Fresh Af -

1. What’s your best qual­ity? A My ad­ven­tur­ous spirit. B I’m su­per brave. C I’m very well read. D I say it like it is. 2. What’s your fave sea­son? A Sum­mer. B Win­ter. C Au­tumn. D Spring. 3. What’s your fave an­i­mal? A Pigs. B Horses. C Any­thing with fur. D Rac­coons. 4. What makes you mad? A When peo­ple diss my squad. B Be­ing told what to do. C Stupid boyz. D Be­ing grounded. 5. What’s your idea of hap­pi­ness? A Hang­ing on the beach with my buds. B When I get to make my own de­ci­sions. C Find­ing my ideal bae. D Mak­ing my ’rents proud. Mostly As MOANA (MOANA) Oh hey, ad­ven­tur­ous babe! You’re not a ‘sit on the couch and watch Net­flix all holz’ kinda gal. You love to get out there with your squad, try new things and make amaz­ing mems. Mostly Bs MERIDA (BRAVE) You’ve got ~ma­jor~ am­bi­tions and you know ex­actly what you needa do to achieve them. Keep work­ing to­wards your dream, girl – you’ll be kween of the world one day! Mostly Cs BELLE (BEAUTY AND THE BEAST) You’re so clever and knowl­edge­able that you’re ba­si­cally a walkin’, talkin’, stylin’ Google. Your mates al­ways turn to you for help ’cos you have ALL the answers. Mostly Ds POCAHONTAS (POCAHONTAS) You are the ~ul­ti­mate~ in­de­pen­dent wo­man. You love do­ing things for your­self, which means it’s pretty much your way or the high­way.

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