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For our May/june is­sue, we filmed the boys on in­flat­able pool toys on srsly the hottest day of the year. So that they didn’t float away, I had to squat on the edge of the pool off-cam­era and hold on to the in­flat­able for dear life. I was clutch­ing on to Ethan’s when Bree P asked him to name his go-to karaoke song. The other boys chose cool songs, but Ethan said “Prob­a­bly ‘The Win­ner Takes It All’ by ABBA” (a re­ally daggy 1970s band). I re­ally needed to LOL, but I had to be quiet. So there I was, si­lent laugh­ing, grip­ping an in­flat­able gold swan, sweat­ing like a fool in a leather skirt on the edge of a pool and think­ing ‘What is my life?!’.

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