Fine forms

Cre­ate a tac­tile en­vi­ron­ment by mix­ing the rough with the smooth. Raw clay, vin­tage glass, soft cot­ton and wo­ven bam­boo com­bined all lend an essence of re­laxed com­fort and free-form luxe.

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Shape of things

Vin­tage green glass ves­sel from, $120, from Lu­na­tiques. Turk­ish pots, $99 each, from Wa­ter Tiger.

In the shade

(above) Indigo Paris lamp, $850, from Les In­terieurs. Vin­tage Bent­wood stool, $200, and vin­tage tim­ber gar­den bench, $350, both from Lu­na­tiques.

Cart­ing favour

(right top) Straw hat, $22, from Wa­ter Tiger. Chevron jacquard throw/ beach blan­ket, $119, from Atolyia. Blast pic­nic bas­ket, $55, from Hay. Grey beach cart, $245, from The Beach Peo­ple. Denim-wash round towel, $109, from Atolyia. Diamond Buti light blue linen cush­ion, $125, from Wal­ter G.

Soft land­ings

(right, from top) Hakuro indigo cot­ton cush­ion, $125, Dash Dot In­verse denim linen cush­ion, $139, Strokes indigo cot­ton cush­ion, $145, and Tang­ier denim linen cush­ion, $125, all from Wal­ter G. White and nat­u­ral Tonk stools, $390 each, from MCM House. See di­rec­tory for stock­ist de­tails.

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