The Baker’s Dozen Trivia Test

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1. HIS­TORY: Who be­came the first Aus­tralian of the Year, in 1960? 2. LAN­GUAGE: What does the Latin suf­fix “grade” mean? 3. MOVIES: What was the name of the an­gel who vis­ited Ge­orge Bai­ley in “It’s a Won­der­ful Life”? 4. TELE­VI­SION: What was the ti­tle of the theme song to the sit­com “Cheers” (pic­tured)? 5. CITIES & STATES: Which Queens­land city was known as El­ston un­til 1933? 6. AN­I­MAL KING­DOM: What kind of an­i­mal would be de­scribed as “lupine”? 7. GAMES: How much money do you get when you pass “Go” in Mo­nop­oly? 8. LIT­ER­A­TURE: What are the names of the two feud­ing fam­i­lies in “Romeo and Juliet”? 9. GE­OG­RA­PHY: What two coun­tries does the Che­viot Hills range di­vide? 10. GEN­ERAL KNOWL­EDGE: What is the birth­stone for April? 11. FLASH­BACK: Where did the idea for the song “I Don’t Like Mon­days” come from? 12. SPORT: Which coun­try has won the most Win­ter Olympic medals over­all? 13. LYRICS: Name the song that in­cludes this lyric: “Try to catch a del­uge in a pa­per cup, There’s a bat­tle ahead, many bat­tles are lost, But you’ll never see the end of the road, While you’re trav­el­ing with me...”


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