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z Those who study such things say that many an­cient Greeks car­ried coins in their mouths – cloth­ing of the time lacked pock­ets, you see.

z In late 19-cen­tury Amer­ica, some com­mu­ni­ties had a rather un­usual Hal­loween tra­di­tion: boys would cel­e­brate by throw­ing cab­bage, corn and other rot­ten veg­eta­bles.

z If you’re like many wage slaves, as the end of the work­week ap­proaches you might find your­self do­ing ‘busy­work’ – try­ing to look as if you’re work­ing when, in fact, you’re just shuf­fling pa­pers or oth­er­wise avoid­ing pro­duc­tiv­ity. Well, there’s a word for that: fudgel. Fudgelling may not be an ap­proved work­place ac­tiv­ity, but it’s un­de­ni­ably a part of the work­place.

z If you look closely at the Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci’s famed mas­ter­work, you might no­tice that the fa­mously enig­matic sub­ject is en­tirely lack­ing in eye­brows.

z It may not come as a sur­prise that when scor­pi­ons mate, it’s a rather vi­o­lent af­fair. When the act is com­pleted, the fe­male stings her part­ner to death, then eats him.

z In 1993, San Fran­cisco voted on a bal­lot mea­sure to de­ter­mine whether po­lice of­fi­cer Bob Geary would be al­lowed to walk his neigh­bour­hood beat while car­ry­ing his ven­tril­o­quist’s dummy, known as Bren­dan O’smarty. The mea­sure passed, and O’smarty re­mained on the job.

z In the Mex­i­can city of Te­huan­te­pec, women out­num­ber men by five to one.

z “There is no such thing as not vot­ing: you ei­ther vote by vot­ing, or you vote by stay­ing home and tac­itly dou­bling the value of some diehard’s vote.” – Au­thor David Foster Wal­lace


z Roll cloth­ing to pack: For shirts, you can stack them all to­gether, then fold over the sleeves be­fore rolling. Pants are best rolled in­di­vid­u­ally. Fold one leg onto the other, then roll tightly from an­kle to waist, be­ing sure to smooth wrin­kles as you go. Stuff socks into shoes. Make use of all your space. z Trou­ble get­ting to sleep? Maybe you should try lis­ten­ing to sooth­ing sounds. There are many to choose from, from white or pink noise. There’s even a pod­cast where a per­son reads a bor­ing book in a mono­tone voice (Sleep with Me). You never know if it’ll help un­less you try. – con­trib­uted by C.A. z Home­made ice pack: Mix 1 part rub­bing al­co­hol to 3 parts wa­ter in a zip­per-top bag; seal and place in the freezer. It gets re­ally cold but never hard­ens, so you can ma­nip­u­late it. Every ath­lete (or par­ent) should pin this. – con­trib­uted by M.W. (Add food colour­ing so you can tell if it’s leak­ing, and la­bel it prop­erly!) z Air­port hacks: Bring a few ex­tra zip­per-top bags, just in case you need them on the re­turn flight; bring an empty wa­ter bot­tle to fill up af­ter you clear se­cu­rity; bring your own snacks (bor­ders per­mit­ting); tie or oth­er­wise fas­ten an iden­ti­fi­able scrap of ma­te­rial to your plain black lug­gage to make it easy to spot on the lug­gage carousel; wear a heavy coat – you can al­ways take it off and stow it, but it won’t count against your weight limit if it’s on you at check-in. But make sure you fol­low all se­cu­rity laws.

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