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z It was 20th-cen­tury jour­nal­ist Brenda Ue­land who said: “In­spi­ra­tion does not come like a bolt, nor is it ki­netic, en­er­getic striv­ing, but it comes into us slowly and qui­etly and all the time, though we must reg­u­larly and ev­ery day give it a lit­tle chance to start flow­ing, prime it with a lit­tle soli­tude and idle­ness.” z If you heard the word “pan­to­pho­bia,” you might (log­i­cally) as­sume that it means a fear of pants. You’d be only par­tially cor­rect, how­ever; those who suf­fer from pan­to­pho­bia are, pre­sum­ably, afraid of pants – but that’s just be­cause they’re afraid of ev­ery­thing. z You might be sur­prised to learn that the first Model T Fords weren’t black – they were green with red stripes. z If you’re think­ing of start­ing a busi­ness and want to get up and run­ning right away, there’s a com­pany ready to help you get started. No­vanym, a brand­ing firm based in Farn­bor­ough, Eng­land, can pro­vide you with a unique name and its match­ing .com do­main – even your choice of three lo­gos for your fledg­ling ven­ture. For less than $700 you can brand your com­pany as Aquinique, Spi­ranti or Fen­march. z You might be sur­prised to learn that if you add up all the deaths that are caused world­wide by tu­ber­cu­lo­sis, malaria and AIDS, the to­tal would be less than a third of those at­trib­ut­able to pol­lu­tion, which ac­counts for 16 per cent of all global deaths. z “Truthtellers are not al­ways palat­able. There is a pref­er­ence for candy bars.” – Gwen­dolyn Brooks

Thought for the Day: NOW HERE’S A TIP

z “I have a great idea for clean­ing sky­lights. At­tach an old T-shirt to the broom end of a long-han­dled broom, then just mist with a cleaner. You can hold it up and scrub gently. The T-shirt ma­te­rial makes a great scrub­ber.” – con­trib­uted by C.L. z “In my house, clean­ing up is a big is­sue. I have a large bas­ket in the garage that is des­ig­nated Toy Time Out. I ask the kids to pick some­thing up and give them a time limit. If I have to ask again, the item goes into time out for a day. I typ­i­cally get a good re­sponse to my re­quests.” – a lov­ing Mum z A party tip: “If you have one per­son re­spon­si­ble for putting prep dishes and pots and pans in the dish­washer while you are pre­par­ing the cooked roast and side dishes for the ta­ble, you will be half­way done with dishes by the time the meal is over.” – M.A. z (Around feast­ing days like Christ­mas Day) I buy ex­tra sup­plies as items go on sale. We al­ways make ex­tra-large por­tions of our side dishes, and put in an ex­tra leg of ham or tur­key while we’re eat­ing! Freeze meals in in­di­vid­ual con­tain­ers for quick din­ners through­out the weeks that fol­low. – E.S. z Cater­ing at the sports ground from the back of your car or ute? Pre­pare a batch of macaroni and cheese, then add an egg and stir in. But­ter the wells of a muf­fin tin, and fill with the mac and cheese. Top with a bit of shred­ded ched­dar and bake for 20 min­utes at 205 C. You can even make them su­per por­ta­ble by us­ing muf­fin lin­ers. The gang loves these – no fork nec­es­sary!

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