Cap­sule wardrobes sav­ing time and space

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Marnie Mill­ner How old are you?

4 on my birth­day. I’m hav­ing a mer­maid birth­day with an ele­phant cake. We need to go to the mer­maid shops where you get the bal­loons. All of my friends are go­ing to come and they’re go­ing to have presents. Mer­maids have tails and they swish and they sit on the rocks. They have dads. There are dad mer­maids.

How old is a grown up? Do you have any pets?

It’s just 14

Wally and Ernie, they’re dogs, when I put on the tutu when I go out, Wally bites them Maddy be­cause I love her

Play dough, draw­ing,

Best friend? What are you re­ally good at?


What makes you happy? What makes you sad?

Marnie says ‘get off’

Best thing about be­ing a kid? Be­ing a best friend Hard­est thing about be­ing a kid? Best friends Favourite food? There’s lots of food I love, a cookie

with smar­ties on top, a milkshake at a cafe on hol­i­day, I’m go­ing to Noosa one year

What would be your best day ever?

eclairs on the beach

If you were in­vis­i­ble for one day what would you do? I’d be like a sparkly thing that dis­ap­pears What would you like to be when you grow up?

love to be an adult – I’d do some texting

How do you know when you’re in love?

have mu­sic. Paint­ing

When I’m on the bike and Hav­ing choco­late I’d You have to RE­AL­IS­ING that she had more than 300 items in her wardrobe, busi­ness­woman Natalie Bram­ble-dunk­ley de­cided that her fash­ion habits needed to change.

She heard about cap­sule wardrobes and started adopt­ing the ap­proach with great suc­cess two and a half years ago.

“A cap­sule wardrobe is about se­lect­ing cloth­ing pieces and hav­ing a lim­ited use of clothes and a max­i­mum num­ber of out­fits,” she ex­plained.

“For some peo­ple, it’s eco­nom­i­cally driven be­cause its more af­ford­able. For some, it’s a space is­sue.

“It’s used a lot in Europe where space is at a limit.”

Natalie’s rea­son­ing was largely based on space and the con­fu­sion that her wardrobe cre­ated.

“It was be­cause of my lim­ited wardrobe space. I have one bed­room full of clothes. My hus­band and I call it my dress­ing room.

“That’s part of the rea­son why I started do­ing cap­sule wardrobes – I just had so many clothes and noth­ing to wear!

“We also buy emo­tion­ally, that was one of the things I did,” she told

Un­til she started cap­sule wardrob­ing, Natalie pur­chased clothes spon­ta­neously. Now she treats shop­ping like a busi­ness trans­ac­tion.

“I just bought what I liked. Now I make a con­scious de­ci­sion. It was get­ting ridicu­lous be­cause I couldn’t put to­gether a wardrobe. I was trav­el­ling a lot for work but it took ages to plan out­fits. Now I can hon­estly say that I pack 15 min­utes be­fore I have to go to the air­port. I also spend far less money on cloth­ing be­cause I am mak­ing more con­scious pur­chas­ing de­ci­sions.”

Natalie is on the move ap­prox­i­mately 20 days each month and hates check-in lug­gage.

Thanks to the new ap­proach, she can go away for 2-3 days with just her hand­bag and away for a month with 14 days’ worth of clothes.

She has also started culling and sell­ing some of her ex­tra­ne­ous clothes.

“I’m get­ting rid of 80-90 items. The rest I will keep and store. I had some re­ally nice stuff and I didn’t want to throw it away.”

Us­ing an app called Style book, Natalie itemised her wardrobe.

“I took pho­tos of all my clothes. I could have chucked ev­ery­thing out, but I wanted to be ob­jec­tive about it.”

Natalie loves the con­ve­nience of hav­ing her cloth­ing so well-or­gan­ised and not need­ing to ag­o­nise over out­fit choices or pur­chas­ing de­ci­sions.

“I don’t have to think. I have a cap­sule per sea­son. It’s great!”

Natalie says that un­der­stand­ing and ap­ply­ing sea­sonal colour schemes is part of what makes cap­sule wardrobes a suc­cess. DARCEE NIXON

“The other part of un­der­stand­ing cap­sule wardrobes is know­ing your fash­ion style. I ac­tu­ally re­alised I’m a ‘ro­man­tic’ – I didn’t know that be­fore.”

Natalie’s ad­vice to oth­ers


Natalie Bram­bleDunk­ley has em­braced the con­cept of a cap­sule wardrobe. She says it saves her time and money.

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