Equip­ment Fo­cus: Lacy Con­tact­ing’s Ko­matsu fleet

Twenty-four Ko­matsu earth­movers form the back­bone of Lacy Con­tract­ing’s ever-ex­pand­ing fleet

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Over the past 12 years, Western Aus­trali­abased Lacy Con­tract­ing has built a highly suc­cess­ful busi­ness around a fleet of used Ko­matsu equip­ment.

Lacy Con­tract­ing is based at Cue, in the state’s Murchi­son district, 650km north­east of Perth and 420 in­land from Ger­ald­ton.

It car­ries out a range of con­tract­ing and heavy­trans­port ac­tiv­i­ties for WA Main Roads, as well as the re­gion’s mines, shires and pri­vate companies. Ac­tiv­i­ties in­clude ma­jor road­works, civil works, ROM crusher works, mine in­fras­truc­ture, and heavy haulage.

The com­pany is also about to en­ter the crush­ing and screen­ing busi­ness, hav­ing re­cently pur­chased two screen decks, and is cur­rently looking to pur­chase a used BR380JG-1EO Ko­matsu jaw crusher.

Lacy Con­tract­ing’s fleet in­cludes 24 Ko­matsu ma­chines – all pur­chased used – as well as a num­ber of other brands, also bought used through Ko­matsu Aus­tralia, along with 14 trucks in­clud­ing tip­pers, side-tip­pers, prime movers, tilt­tray re­cov­ery ve­hi­cles and 50-tonne floats.

Its Ko­matsu equip­ment in­cludes 11 ex­ca­va­tors from 5.5 tonnes to 45 tonnes (PC55-8, PC138-8, PC220LC-6, PC270-8, four PC300-7s, PC350-7 and a PC450-8), seven wheel load­ers (WA120-3, WA250-3, WA320-1, WA470-5, two WA500-6s, WA600-6), two SK714 skid-steer load­ers, GD655-3 and GD655-5 graders, a D275AX-5EO dozer, and an HM400-2 ar­tic­u­lated dump truck.

Peter Lacy’s re­la­tion­ship with Ko­matsu be­gan shortly af­ter he started his busi­ness in Septem­ber 2004 with just a skid-steer and small tip­per, and one other employee.

“Dean Jones, the Ko­matsu Aus­tralia Murchi­son and Mid­west busi­ness de­vel­op­ment man­ager, turned up at Meekatharra one day and found me,” Lacy says.

“The first ma­chine he sold me was a used WA470 loader, and I’ve ba­si­cally bought ev­ery­thing else off him ever since, apart from a WA320-1 I bought from a lo­cal shire, and our PC220LC-6 I bought at auc­tion.

“We’ve held onto ev­ery­thing we’ve bought since we started,” he adds.

Why has Lacy fo­cused on only buy­ing used equip­ment?

“I guess I haven’t re­ally had the fi­nance to buy new – al­though hav­ing said that, our WA600-6 was a Ko­matsu Premium Used low-hour ma­chine with only 11 hours on it when it was de­liv­ered,” Lacy says

“Gen­er­ally we buy our equip­ment at around the 4000-hour mark. The price suits my mar­ket, and we’ve found the re­li­a­bil­ity and per­for­mance of our Ko­matsu equip­ment to be very good.”

Lacy does all his day-to-day ser­vic­ing in­house, get­ting ma­jor ser­vice work done through Ko­matsu Ger­ald­ton.

About seven of Lacy’s heavy ma­chines are fit­ted with Ko­matsu’s re­mote-mon­i­tor­ing

Kom­trax sys­tem, which he’s found very use­ful for trou­bleshoot­ing and mon­i­tor­ing ma­chines work­ing in more re­mote ar­eas.

“We used Kom­trax quite a bit when we had a few is­sues early on with our GD655-5 grader, which we bought at 8000 hours,” he says.

“It turned out that a pre­vi­ous user had car­ried out some unau­tho­rised work and never told any­one, but we were able to track down the cause and fix it with the help of Kom­trax.

“It’s also very handy for mon­i­tor­ing ma­chines such as our WA600-6 when it’s on ROM pad work, see­ing what the op­er­a­tors and oth­ers are do­ing with it.

“And if we ever have a theft of one of the smaller ma­chines, we’ll be able to track them and see where they go.”

Gen­er­ally we buy our equip­ment at around the 4000-hour mark. The price suits my mar­ket

Just a few of the Ko­matsu ma­chines in Lacy’s yard

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