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Ron Horner was in­vited to the Diesel, Dirt and Turf Expo in Pen­rith last month and deems it a huge suc­cess

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The 2018 Diesel, Dirt and Turf Expo dis­played a myr­iad of earth­mov­ing and as­so­ci­ated equip­ment with a to­tal closely ac­count­ing for 200 out­door and 50 in­door un­der­cover ex­hi­bi­tions.

With the award and tro­phy of the Best Stand and Best Large Stand be­ing snapped up by Boss At­tach­ments, it was an enor­mously suc­cess­ful expo for all the par­tic­i­pants.

The show was not only for earth­mov­ing equip­ment but catered for ev­ery sin­gle as­pect of con­struc­tion – from fi­nanc­ing, small tools, small en­gines, some trucks, at­tach­ment fab­ri­ca­tors, pres­sure wash­ers, slash­ers and mow­ers, ag ma­chin­ery, tyres and wheels, hy­draulics, load­ers, ex­ca­va­tors ga­lore and ev­ery­thing in be­tween. It was ex­haust­ing just walk­ing around try­ing to get a look at ev­ery­thing!

Fri­day seemed to be the per­fect day for any­one who could squeeze the day off (it did take a day to get around) as the weather was per­fect … to a touch on the hot­ter side of pleas­ant.

Satur­day greeted us with blown-over tents and stands (some even blown out of the grounds and onto the highway) and I saw one old bloke car­ry­ing the chain with a re­ward note on his back look­ing for his blue heeler, which had ap­par­ently blown off the chain dur­ing the overnight wind storm. Here is my list of favourites:


A few stands that im­pressed me were ‘Shaw X’ out of Bris­bane with a good ar­ray of at­tach­ments but the 16-wheeler “Eject X” ejec­tor body tip­per is a beauty. This unit will cer­tainly set a higher level of safety for the truck­ing and con­struc­tion in­dus­try than what we have seen be­fore, es­pe­cially when it comes to off-highway tip­ping and dis­charg­ing of ma­te­ri­als on sites where tip­ping is an is­sue. Ejec­tor bod­ies in tip­pers are not a new idea but cer­tainly Shaw X has taken the de­sign, fab­ri­ca­tion and ser­vice to a new level.


The ‘Best Stand in Show’ went to Boss At­tach­ments and rightly so. It was a bril­liant dis­play of at­tach­ments suited to any ma­chine for any job, rang­ing from hy­draulic XCen­tric rip­per and crush­ing bucket, all types of grabs, hy­draulic rock cut­ting saw, hy­draulic rock break­ers, twin­headed rock or concrete cut­ters, vi­bra­tory plates to suit ex­ca­va­tors, and so much more.

A lengthy and most-pos­i­tive dis­cus­sion with Boss At­tach­ments gen­eral man­ager Ricky

Kirby saw a com­mit­ment to Earth­movers and Ex­ca­va­tors of a truck­load of at­tach­ments to be de­liv­ered to our test­ing grounds later this year so we can give our read­ers and view­ers a first-hand look at the gear in ac­tion – in full work­ing mode on a real con­struc­tion site.

This is the first of­fer we have ever had to sup­ply equip­ment for the sole pur­pose of test­ing and just proves that the gen­eros­ity and self-be­lief Ricky has in the prod­ucts is an­other rea­son why the award for best stand in show went to Boss At­tach­ments. I am cer­tainly look­ing for­ward to our dates later in the year.


In shows like this I am al­ways drawn to ex­ca­va­tors; like moths to a camp light, re­ally.

At this expo, to me, there were a cou­ple of stand­outs I would love to get my bum into – and they were as fol­lows:

Ko­matsu had one of the nicest lit­tle 28-tonne close-ra­dius ex­ca­va­tors on dis­play, al­beit at the back of the stand. I found a beau­ti­ful Ko­matsu PC228USLC-8 ex­ca­va­tor fit­ted with a bril­liant Top­con 3D GPS which looks to have all the goods from a dis­tance and the spec sheet.

For the size, specs I quickly looked over, the fitout and pre­sen­ta­tion, this ma­chine was, in my opin­ion, the pick of the larger ex­ca­va­tors on dis­play at the show and should be a good seller for Ko­matsu in the fu­ture. While crawl­ing all over the ma­chine I could not help but no­tice the keen in­ter­est in pur­chas­ing this ex­ca­va­tor by sev­eral cashed-up and loyal Ko­matsu cus­tomers.

We dis­cussed the pos­si­bil­ity of a demo in Queens­land with Carl Grundy, the na­tional sales man­ager of Ko­matsu, and we are well on the way to be­ing able to se­cure it. Watch this space!


Kub­ota had an­other great dis­play with a full range of mini and midi ex­ca­va­tors, at­tach­ments and agri­cul­tural range of ma­chin­ery.

The Aus­tralian Ham­mer and Aus­tralian Bucket Sup­plies stand proved a for­mi­da­ble ally and gave enor­mous clout to the Kub­ota brand, and is a credit to Bruce Pen­nels, his wife Julie and the boys, as this is purely a great fam­ily story and one worth telling. There is more news to come out of that par­tic­u­lar camp in the near fu­ture and we have the scoop com­ing up so, again, watch this space.


When it comes to ex­ca­va­tors, I fall in and out of love with them like ‘school­girl crushes’. How­ever, some­times you meet up with one that takes you way back and re­minds you of just what a re­la­tion­ship you and that par­tic­u­lar ma­chine had. The good, the bad, the frus­trat­ing and the great jobs you were in­volved to­gether cer­tainly can stop you in your tracks for just a fleet­ing mo­ment.

That mo­ment grabbed me when I vis­ited the Semco Equip­ment Sales stand and gazed upon a Takeuchi TB280FR com­pact ex­ca­va­tor and sub­se­quently met up with com­pany di­rec­tor Gra­ham Mur­phy.

The eight-tonne Takeuchi, not this one, and I go back a long, long way. We ac­com­plished many great things along the path we all get to travel at some stage of our cho­sen ca­reer. My time was when I was do­ing hard yards and picked up one of the first Takeuchi ex­ca­va­tors into Aus­tralia back in about 1987, a bit of a gam­ble back then, but the specs looked pretty darn good so I threw my hat in the ring … and presto.

A great ma­chine with no prob­lems, I worked it so hard and in so many dif­fer­ent ap­pli­ca­tions that I just had to go a buy an­other one.

My second TB2070 is the ma­chine that I con­sider as one of my life-chang­ing ma­chines which earned me so much money it set me up for many of the ma­jor projects I even­tu­ally be­came in­volved with. I will al­ways have a ‘soft spot’ for this branded ma­chine and those mem­o­ries will live with me for­ever (but that’s an­other story).

The spec sheet on this new Takeuchi TB280FR ex­ca­va­tor just jumps out and bites you … I love it al­ready and I haven’t even started the darn thing. A quick meet­ing with Gra­ham Mur­phy and an old-fash­ioned hand­shake has se­cured us a demo, pos­si­bly out of Bris­bane, with this beau­ti­ful lit­tle trac­tor.

Call me sen­ti­men­tal, call me stupid, call me out­spo­ken but this lit­tle trac­tor is, in my opin­ion, the ex­ca­va­tor of the show. That’s how much I think of this unit. I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice, and now I’m say­ing it thrice: watch this space.


There were so many re­ally great items and stands on dis­play that I can­not get through the lot of them in one small doc­u­mented brief but you can see them all again next year at the Diesel, Dirt and Turf at Pen­rith Panthers grounds in 2019. Don’t miss it.

1. Kub­ota nailed it with the AG and Con­struc­tion stand 2. Ko­matsu PC228USLC-8 with Jaws bucket 3. Boss At­tach­ments: Best in Show 4. Gra­ham Mur­ray Semco and Ron Horner

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