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Cater­pil­lar re­veals B-Pre­fix hy­draulic ham­mers

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There are four mod­els in the new B-Pre­fix ham­mer range – the si­lenced B4(s) and B6(s) along with the un­si­lenced B4 and B6.

All four are de­signed for ‘plug-and-play’ op­er­a­tion and are com­pat­i­ble with a wide range of com­pact machinery in­clud­ing skid steer load­ers, multi-ter­rain load­ers, com­pact track load­ers, mini-ex­ca­va­tors (with op­er­at­ing weights be­tween three to eight tonnes) and back­hoe load­ers.

Cat says the B-Pre­fix ham­mers use a sim­ple mod­u­lar de­sign with just two mov­ing parts in the pis­ton and valve. The ham­mers use flat-top mount­ing to en­sure a com­pact work­ing area and max­i­mum com­pat­i­bil­ity with var­i­ous brack­ets and cou­plers.

Ma­jor com­po­nents in the ham­mers (cylin­der, back-head, front-head, pis­ton and en­gag­ing tool) have been man­u­fac­tured from heavy-duty ma­te­ri­als to en­sure a long pro­duc­tive life for the im­ple­ments pro­tected against break­age and wear.

The pis­ton in­side the ham­mers has been de­signed to trans­fer long shock­waves back into the ma­te­rial and its di­am­e­ter has been matched for max­i­mum en­ergy trans­fer. The de­sign and sur­face fin­ish of the pis­ton also pro­vide im­proved oil re­ten­tion and seal life.

B-Pre­fix ham­mers are easy to ser­vice, with the grease fit­ting and gas pres­sure check points ac­ces­si­ble while the ham­mer is on the ma­chine. An in­cluded tool­box gives op­er­a­tors a charg­ing kit, ham­mer paste and spare parts.

The ham­mers are also com­pat­i­ble with a num­ber of tool types in­clud­ing moil, cone, par­al­lel and trans­verse chis­els as well as blunts, which al­lows the ham­mers to be adapted to a wide range of ap­pli­ca­tions.

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