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I AM not sur­prised at a re­cent re­port in a lo­cal news­pa­per that cats kill more than one mil­lion na­tive Aus­tralian birds ev­ery day.

Cats, like their larger coun­ter­parts the leop­ards of Africa and In­dia, hunt at night.

The no­to­ri­ous man-eat­ing leop­ards of In­dia, as recorded by Colonel Jim Cor­bett, only kill and de­vour their vic­tims be­tween sun­set and sun­rise.

Do­mes­tic cats have the same habit of killing birds at night when their ir­re­spon­si­ble own­ers fail to keep them in­doors.

On the streets in my neigh­bour­hood I of­ten see cats roam­ing around and in the morn­ing I find the re­mains of dead birds and their nests with young ones also killed.

They have also, on oc­ca­sions, killed doves that I feed dur­ing the day.

If peo­ple ster­ilised their cats, who breed like rab­bits, it would re­duce the wan­ton de­struc­tion of our na­tive birds.


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