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Golden touch

When I read in that Gold­enEye 007 had re­ceived a ret­ro­spec­tive ten, I had to stop my­self from shout­ing, “Yes!” Gold­enEye played a spe­cial role in my child­hood, join­ing Su­per Mario 64 and Oca­rina Of Time in a divine N64 trin­ity. Fi­nally, each game in that trin­ity had the score they de­served. I dug my old N64 out of the at­tic, blew the dust off the car­tridge and played Gold­enEye for the first time in years, glee­ful in the knowl­edge that even to­day, it’s good enough for a per­fect ten.

Ex­cept it isn’t. I found my­self shoot­ing a lot of people and not much else. Gold­enEye, in the eyes of my nine-year-old self, was the game where you truly be­came 007. Bond is a man who al­ways gets the mis­sion done, by what­ever means, even if some­one has to be killed. That isn’t the same as killing ev­ery armed man in Rus­sia, then com­plet­ing the mis­sion on the side, which is what Gold­enEye had me do­ing.

Also, killing in Bond films is usu­ally

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