One prob­lem with ren­der­ing an ob­ject from pho­to­graphic source ma­te­rial is that you cap­ture it only in a sin­gle light­ing con­di­tion. “The first in­stinct, since game en­gines are mov­ing to­wards truly dy­namic global il­lu­mi­na­tion and pixel light­ing, is to get rid of that light­ing,” says Poz­nan­ski, “and al­though at times that’s what you need to do, a lot of the re­al­ism of that rock that you fell in love with fades away. There’s a re­ally tricky bal­ance to keep­ing as much of those as­sets’ re­al­ism as pos­si­ble, but at the same time make them us­able so that you can cre­ate a co­he­sive and amaz­ing piece of work.”

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