Pel­i­can re­turned from a four-year hia­tus last year with the re­lease of For­ever Be­com­ing. The band’s mem­bers had taken time out to fo­cus on other projects and jobs af­ter a pun­ish­ing tour­ing sched­ule took its toll. Found­ing mem­ber Lau­rent Schroed­erLe­bec didn’t re­turn, how­ever, but Dal­las Thomas from alt-rock out­fit The Swan King has taken up the reins. Pel­i­can has long been as­so­ci­ated with the post-rock scene, and has been com­pared to acts such as Mog­wai, Ex­plo­sions In The Sky and even God­speed You! Black Em­peror. But while the band is in­stru­men­tal and ex­ploits the build­ing song struc­tures as­so­ci­ated with the genre, Pel­i­can is a heav­ier prospect that more of­ten veers into metal ter­ri­tory.

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