You’re Play­ing It Wrong

Xbox One is the me­dia con­sole of choice? The stats for porn rental ser­vice Su­garDVD show other­wise


The star­tling new data on the porn rental habits of gamers im­me­di­ately raises one burn­ing ques­tion: who still rents porn now that they’re just giv­ing it away? On­line shop­ping ad­dicts? Credit card thieves? Con­fused el­derly people on the verge of a lifethreat­en­ing shock? You might as well rent snow in Siberia. Well, now we can add one de­fin­i­tive an­swer to that spec­u­la­tive list: PS4 own­ers. Last De­cem­ber, they re­port­edly signed up for the porn rental ser­vice Su­garDVD’s con­sole app a whop­ping three times as of­ten as their Xbox One-own­ing brethren. (And sistren! But let’s be real, it’s mostly brethren.)

Su­garDVD also named the top five rental ti­tles for each con­sole, which were sim­i­lar in

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