Game com­men­tary in snack-sized mouth­fuls

“I am wind­ing down Ir­ra­tional Games as you know it. That is go­ing to mean part­ing ways with all but about 15 mem­bers of the Ir­ra­tional team.”

Would Ken Levine lose 100 people for cre­ativ­ity’s sake? Or is some­thing else go­ing on?

“I feel deeply ashamed of my­self for liv­ing a false life. I also apol­o­gise to Mr Ni­igaki.”

Res­i­dent Evil com­poser Mamoru Sa­mur­gochi says sorry for be­ing ghost­writ­ten for decades

“Do we send your brows­ing his­tory to Valve? No.

Do we care what porn sites you visit?

Oh dear god no. My brain just melted.” Valve Anti-Cheat won’t snoop too deeply into browser his­to­ries, says Gabe Newell

“Hope­fully, one day you won’t have to give out an award to, say, ‘Best Gay Char­ac­ter’, ‘Best What­ever Char­ac­ter’, you can just have good char­ac­ters.”

Naughty Dog’s Neil Druck­mann looks for­ward to a fu­ture for games that can’t ar­rive soon enough

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