Twitch Plays Poké­mon


Twitch Plays Poké­mon runs a hacked ver­sion of Poké­mon Red that makes all 151 Poké­mon avail­able with­out trad­ing, but that’s only one of the cu­ri­ous things about this chan­nel, which al­lows view­ers to con­trol the but­ton in­puts via the chat box. Its cre­ators have given full con­trol to the users, right down to choos­ing whether the em­u­la­tor runs in An­ar­chy mode, where the in­put of ev­ery user is ap­plied at once, or Democ­racy mode, where ev­ery­one votes on the next ac­tion in 20-sec­ond in­ter­vals. In both cases, chaos and com­edy usu­ally en­sues.

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