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Ken Levine shuts Ir­ra­tional down, but keeps 15 em­ploy­ees Come on now, let’s not be ir­ra­tional about this!

Harry Stu­art Chal­craft

Seems like a dick move to lay off more than 100 people just be­cause he wants to do some­thing dif­fer­ent.

Phillip Bock

Well I wish the best for the em­ploy­ees be­ing laid off by this dude…

Cody Clem­mons

Is it me, or is “nar­ra­tivedriven” and “highly re­playable” a bit oxy­moronic?

Steven Efre­mov

I think that’s the point. He wants to meet that fun­da­men­tal chal­lenge and cre­ate some­where where cur­rently it is a para­dox/oxy­moron.

You can de­bate the mer­its of his de­ci­sion on how to get there, but to clar­ify, that’s what he’s at­tempt­ing to con­vey.

Brent Fisher

Wow. Brave move to walk away from such a big se­ries. Fin­gers crossed that what­ever Ken and co go on to build will be as amaz­ing as the worlds of Rap­ture and Columbia. Good luck!

Fraser Dun­stan

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