Tor­tured Souls


Fol­low­ing a pop­u­lar trend, The New Or­der fea­tures a tor­ture scene in which you’re cast as in­ter­roga­tor. MachineGames han­dles things in its own way, how­ever, set­ting up a grimly comic en­counter that feels emo­tion­ally pow­er­ful with­out be­ing ex­plicit. Hav­ing es­caped from a raid on the asy­lum that looked af­ter you, and res­cued your carer, Anya, you ar­rive at her grand­par­ents’ with a stolen car and your Nazi hostage. Anya’s grand­mother puts on a record as you head to the base­ment, where your vic­tim is tied to a chair next to ta­ble with a chainsaw on it. The game only asks you to pre­pare for the in­ter­ro­ga­tion (“Need splat­ter pro­tec­tion”) and builds a great deal of ten­sion by trad­ing vi­o­lence for im­plied threat.

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