It’s fit­ting, given the crowd­funded na­ture of Bro­ken Age, that Schafer sees the pointand-click genre as a so­cial one. “I used to play with my dad – I’d sit there play­ing text ad­ven­tures and get stuck and then he’d go, ‘Let me sit down for a sec­ond!’ And then he would try it and that would give you a break, you know? A lot of people play ad­ven­ture games to­gether. Part of that is be­cause their pre­sen­ta­tion is so good that they’re fun to watch, and it’s not so much de­pen­dant on you feel­ing the feed­back of the con­trols and stuff like that. It’s more about mak­ing the same de­ci­sion that the player is mak­ing just by watch­ing them play. You can be like, ‘Drag that, put that there, read the book to the horse. Do it!’

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