At Steam Dev Days, a Seat­tle game de­vel­oper con­fer­ence hosted by Valve Soft­ware, the com­pany showed off its own vir­tual re­al­ity pro­to­type. It was built as an ex­am­ple of what VR could be­come in five to ten years, and it seemed to con­vince ev­ery­one who used it. Its key dif­fer­ence from Rift is that it re­quires users to be in a spe­cially dec­o­rated room dot­ted with blackand-white mark­ers. Luck­ily for those who don’t en­joy dec­o­rat­ing, Valve has no in­ten­tion of re­leas­ing its pro­to­type, de­spite its hard­ware am­bi­tions with Steam Ma­chines and con­trollers. This hasn’t stopped Jonathan Blow work­ing with Valve to make his next game, The Wit­ness, work with the sys­tem, how­ever.

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