FromSot­ware makes fine use of fast travel with en­vi­ron­men­tal puz­zling that, at times, is Metroid- like in struc­ture. Killing the game’s first ma­jor boss, for in­stance, yields a key that un­locks like-coloured doors in the area you’ve just cleared out. The con­cept stretches across re­gions via Phar­ros Lock­stones, sin­gle-use items found in the en­vi­ron­ment and sold by mer­chants that you insert into open-mouthed faces etched into Dran­gleic’s walls. Some re­veal il­lu­sory walls, leading to rooms full of loot, and oth­ers give early ac­cess to bon­fires. The de­vice’s best use, how­ever, comes in one dark area, where an enor­mous torch rises high into the sky. It lights the path but also keeps the area’s hard­est en­e­mies, which are scared of the light, con­fined to the shad­ows and out of your way.

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