Yoshi’s New Is­land does lit­tle enough to jus­tify the ‘new’ in its ti­tle, but what it does put on the ta­ble is a few scram­bled egg types. Mega Eg­gdoz­ers, made by in­gest­ing screen-high Shy Guys, are tools of mass de­struc­tion, fill­ing a me­ter that awards you lives if you smash enough stuff in one hit. Too of­ten, how­ever, fill­ing that me­ter means be­ing led by the hand to throw them in one ‘cor­rect’ di­rec­tion and then sim­ply watch­ing as they’re shep­herded about the screen. Steel ver­sions, mean­while, are rolling wreck­ing balls when thrown, but also make you less buoy­ant, an­chor­ing you for slower-than-usual un­der­wa­ter treks. Worse, they can cause frame drops when un­leashed.

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