Crowded vi­sion

Other Ocean is us­ing Twit­ter to de­sign its lat­est project, #IDARB


Crowd­fund­ing is com­mon­place nowa­days, but crowd­sourc­ing game de­sign is an­other mat­ter. That makes # IDARB ( It Draws A Red Box) stand out, with cre­ator Other Ocean In­ter­ac­tive solic­it­ing sug­ges­tions via Twit­ter. The game started life as a side project, the team putting in nights and week­ends on # IDARB while work­ing on tra­di­tional ti­tles dur­ing the week, but an open re­quest for ideas has be­come its driv­ing force.

“It reaf­firmed some­thing we in­her­ently knew but some­times for­got: dumb games rule,” Other Ocean’s Frank Ci­faldi tells us. “Hardly any­one has ques­tioned the logic, the art style, or our weird crowd­sourc­ing method so far; ev­ery­one seems to be on the same page. We’ve of­ten said that our dream as in­de­pen­dent de­vel­op­ers is to make dumb games for smart people, and that dream is be­com­ing a re­al­ity.”

At the time of writ­ing, # IDARB takes the form of an eight­player plat­former with a ball, jet­packs and two goals, but that may change. What­ever the case, its char­ac­ter cre­ation tool – some of whose re­sults can be seen here – will be along for the ride.

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