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Sega is still a force to be reck­oned with on the Ja­panese ar­cade scene, where Vir­tua Fighter 5 swal­lows yen by the hand­ful, but the pub­lisher is still push­ing the kinds of games able to make money else­where. Hence

Transformers Hu­man Al­liance, the most no­table Sega cab­i­net to make the jour­ney west re­cently.

Hu­man Al­liance is a fixed gun game set across five lev­els where you’ll fight along­side Au­to­bots against the De­cep­ti­cons. It is, in other words, ex­actly the game you’d ex­pect, run­ning on Sega’s Ringedge 2 PC-in-a-box and de­vel­oped by the same Chi­nese stu­dio be­hind 2012 rac­ing game

KO Drive. Its gim­micks are Al­liance Fire, where two play­ers tar­get­ing the same spot will au­to­mat­i­cally call in fire sup­port from the Au­to­bots, and a se­ries of gun-con­trolled QTE se­quences.

The stan­dard Hu­man Al­liance cab­i­net packs a 42-inch screen in a standup form fac­tor, but if you’re lucky you’ll find the mas­sive 55-inch sit-down ‘cin­ema’ ver­sion. It’s the first of Sega’s 2014 ar­cade games to come west and its ab­so­lute sim­plic­ity will en­sure it a wide au­di­ence. It’s a clas­sic Sega shooter, and in a world where the com­pany’s bet­ter known for To­tal

War than for Vir­tua Cop, it’s an ex­cit­ing ar­rival in any ar­cade.

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