Icarus Proud­bot­tom’s World Of Typ­ing Weekly

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When Icarus Proud­bot­tom’s World Of Typ­ing Weekly’s pi­lot episode comes to an end, the epony­mous Proud­bot­tom lies dead. It’s your job to find out who did it, of course, and you’ll do this by typ­ing as quickly and ac­cu­rately as you can, los­ing health for ev­ery duff press. Just like the pre­vi­ous game, Teaches Typ­ing, the pas­sages that fill the screen are in­creas­ingly sur­real, and usu­ally funny. This time, how­ever, you’re deputised by the of­fi­cer in­ves­ti­gat­ing the crime and must in­ves­ti­gate the crime scene and cross-ex­am­ine the sus­pects, which in­clude Jerry, Proud­bot­tom’s owl spirit an­i­mal and for­mer part­ner. Ac­cu­rate typ­ing fills your Soul Gauge, which gives you score mul­ti­pli­ers and ex­tra health once ac­ti­vated with the tilde key. All five episodes are avail­able to play now.

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