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Oliver’s love of the grue­some from age three made Splat­ter­house the ideal game to mas­ter when she got a Tur­bo­Grafx 16 as a Christ­mas present. Since she’s for­tu­nate enough to live near a vin­tage ar­cade, Oliver prac­tises her high-score at­tempts on orig­i­nal Splat­ter­house hard­ware. She finds MAME too in­ac­cu­rate, and be­lieves the ar­cade en­vi­ron­ment helps hone her fo­cus too, with all its noise, by­standers and other dis­trac­tions. At home, she’s amassed a huge game collection and loves JRPGs in par­tic­u­lar, with

Earthbound as a favourite. Her guilty plea­sures are FMV-driven games of the ’90s: “They are an end­less source of amuse­ment for me”.

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