EDGE - - THE MAKING OF... - Kenta Mo­tokura Co-di­rec­tor, Nin­tendo EAD Tokyo

Some people would like a re­turn to a more ‘sand­box’ style of Mario game, such as Mario 64 and Sun­shine. Have you con­sid­ered al­ter­nat­ing be­tween two dif­fer­ent types of 3D Mario – more lin­ear ob­sta­cle cour­ses such as those in 3D World and more open games like the ear­lier ones?

The ba­sic goal or feel we strive for is pretty es­tab­lished. Hav­ing said that, it doesn’t stop us from in­clud­ing el­e­ments such as search­ing for Green Stars or Stamps, or reimag­in­ing other fun ideas from past Mario games such as Su­per Mario 64. Al­though I think the fun­da­men­tals of Mario games – run­ning and jump­ing around in a 3D world – will prob­a­bly re­main con­stant, there’s still a lot of room to deliver the most ex­cit­ing prod­uct we can think of.

There are sev­eral un­usual new char­ac­ter and en­emy types in this game – which are your favourite new­com­ers?

We re­ally poured our hearts and souls into mak­ing each one. That said, my per­sonal favourite is Plessie. He’s got the same kind of adorable fea­tures as Yoshi, with all the fun of be­ing able to hop on his back with your friends and ride through the course to­gether. I think we’ll be see­ing more of him in the fu­ture. As for the en­e­mies, King Ka-Thunk is my favourite. His de­sign is a per­fect union of move­ment and at­tack.

You’ve said in the past that there will be no DLC for 3D World, but surely the Mys­tery Houses would work well as a se­ries of down­load­able chal­lenges?

Thank you. We’re re­ally grate­ful for this feed­back, and we will con­sider re­vis­it­ing these in the fu­ture.

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