Leigh Smith of­fers his per­spec­tive on tra­di­tional com­men­tat­ing styles

“The gen­eral rule across all sports is to have one per­son, the play-by-play com­men­ta­tor, to re­lay what is hap­pen­ing along with his­toric data, build­ing the story and giv­ing back­ground. An ex-pro player will also fill the colour com­men­ta­tor role [and] they con­vey the parts of a sport that the aver­age viewer wouldn’t recog­nise. There are pos­si­bil­i­ties to use two play-by-play or two colour com­men­ta­tors [in­stead], but only on rare oc­ca­sions. For ex­am­ple, if it’s re­ally ac­tion packed then two play-by-play may be bet­ter, or if one of the colour guys can ac­tu­ally do de­cent play-by-play, then he might be bet­ter off with a pro player.”

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