Tet­suya Mizuguchi be­gan work­ing at Sega in 1990, where he helped build Me­ga­lopo­lice: Tokyo City Bat­tle for Sega’s AS-1 sim­u­la­tor. His ex­pe­ri­ence work­ing with 3D graph­ics pre­pared him to de­velop Sega Rally Cham­pi­onship for ar­cades in 1994. Sega Rally 2 fol­lowed, be­fore work be­gan on var­i­ous pro­to­types and even­tu­ally Space Chan­nel 5 for Dream­cast in 1999. He would go on to make Rez (2001) and a se­quel to Space Chan­nel 5 be­fore de­part­ing Sega to found Q En­ter­tain­ment, where he would pro­duce Me­teos, Ev­ery Ex­tend Ex­tra, N3: Nine­ty­Nine Nights, Child Of Eden and puz­zler Lu­mines. He de­parted the stu­dio in 2013 and is now a me­dia lec­turer at Tokyo’s Keio Univer­sity and a free agent.

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