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A new par­ent com­pany means a new start for the cre­ator of Galaxy On Fire

2004 (re­born in 2014 as Deep Sil­ver Fish­labs) Ham­burg

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Galaxy On Fire 2 HD, Sports Car Chal­lenge 2

Galaxy On Fire: Al­liances, plus two more unan­nounced ti­tles pro­duc­ing triple-A mo­bile games for hard­core play­ers. We have re­ally high hopes that we can be the mo­bile de­vel­oper here in Ham­burg, but at the same time we’re mov­ing into pub­lish­ing. Koch Me­dia Deep Sil­ver are re­ally well known in the PC and con­sole pub­lish­ing world, and they saw an op­por­tu­nity to get into the mo­bile sec­tor by in­vest­ing in Fish­labs. Some of us have ten years’ ex­pe­ri­ence with mo­bile -- we have people here who know the busi­ness in­side out – so that gives Koch Me­dia Deep Sil­ver a head start. With Koch Me­dia’s ex­per­tise on the pub­lish­ing side and our knowl­edge of mo­bile, it’s a great com­bi­na­tion.

What are the defin­ing qual­i­ties of a Fish­labs game, given this fresh start?

We’re still heav­ily fo­cused on de­liv­er­ing the kind of rich con­tent you see in Galaxy On Fire. We wouldn’t make Ridicu­lous Fish­ing, for ex­am­ple. So in that re­spect, we haven’t changed as a com­pany – it’s what we did be­fore and it’s what we want to do in the fu­ture: cre­ate games for gamers. Our games can be played in five-minute ses­sions, but we also want people to play for two hours straight as well. We want to take the ex­pe­ri­ences you’ve known from your con­sole or PC, as a mid-to-hard­core gamer, and bring those to mo­bile plat­forms.

With Deep Sil­ver’s in­vest­ment, are you look­ing to grow in size, or are you happy at the cur­rent scale?

We’re re­cruit­ing heav­ily right now. We don’t want to grow at the rate of a com­pany like InnoGames or Goodgame, though. I think a staff count of 90 would be a good num­ber. If you push be­yond 100, it doesn’t feel like a startup any more. With 80 to 90 staff, hope­fully we can re­lease a great game ev­ery 12 months. We used to talk about de­vel­op­ment cy­cles tak­ing three to six months, but now we’re look­ing at a year, and hav­ing a cou­ple of games in de­vel­op­ment in par­al­lel.

When you have some­thing as suc­cess­ful as does it make it dif­fi­cult to ex­per­i­ment with other gen­res? Is it a dou­ble-edged sword?

If it is a sword, of course we’re fo­cus­ing on the gold side of the metal. When you have 15m in­stal­la­tions of a game like Galaxy On Fire 2 on iOS, it makes per­fect sense to want to con­tinue to work with the IP. But now that Koch Me­dia is in­volved, with its own IP, we’re much more open-minded about work­ing with dif­fer­ent game gen­res, but I can’t talk about those yet. Of course, we’ll make an­other Galaxy On Fire game, but there are lots of other op­por­tu­ni­ties ahead of us.

Fish­labs’ of­fices are lo­cated right in the heart of Ham­burg, in walk­ing dis­tance of the dis­tinctly up­mar­ket sec­tion of the city’s shop­ping district

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