Back in the closet


The demo hints at broader com­bat me­chan­ics than just shoot­ing: there are cup­boards to hide in, beds to cower un­der, and traps to dis­arm and dis­man­tle. Al­though the sec­tion we played didn’t pro­vide any need to lurk in a closet other than for the sim­ple thrill of do­ing so, the traps seem promis­ing. They’re placed in in­ge­niously evil po­si­tions and re­quire the player to creep up and dis­arm them with a Mass Ef­fect- es­que minigame, some­times while mon­sters linger nearby. While this risks de­scend­ing into te­dium over the course of a full playthrough, for now the dif­fi­culty seems to be finely pitched, mak­ing each de­fus­ing at­tempt a de­li­ciously risky or­deal.

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