Brand new, you’re retro


Nos­tal­gia’s pow­er­ful stuff. It can bring old games back from the dead in re­mas­tered HD edi­tions. It can also bring mockup games that never ex­isted at all into be­ing. When Tron: Legacy was re­leased in 2010, Dis­ney hired 42 En­ter­tain­ment to de­velop a playable browser ver­sion of the SpacePara­noids ar­cade game seen in Tron. Over on Kon­gre­gate, a nos­tal­gic coder recre­ated The Cav­ernOfTheEvil

Wizard from Big. It’s playable, al­though it’s con­fined to the sin­gle screen shown in the movie and locked on an in­evitable timer as the wizard pre­pares to zap you with his ice scep­tre. If you are quick, you have time to push the lim­its of the text parser. (Typ­ing some­thing ju­ve­nile such as “Pee” re­wards you with “Ah, that feels bet­ter! Now slay the evil wizard.”) The best of the bunch, though, is the 8bit ar­cade game Fix-It Felix

Jr from Wreck-It Ralph. A cross be­tween

Don­keyKong and Ram­page, it not only ex­ists as a playable ar­cade cab­i­net and browser game, but also has its very own vi­ral video, which claims to be a TV spot dat­ing back to 1982.

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