Q&A: Kristyn Hume

Vis­ual ef­fects artist, The Wrestler


How did you get in­volved in the movie?

The project ini­tially be­gan as just the movie’s ti­tle se­quence. Later on, we added in the game, too. My brother, Ran­dall [Furino], is a videogame pro­gram­mer, so I tapped him to help me with the project. He taught me the ba­sics about sprites and back­grounds. I made all the el­e­ments in Pho­to­shop and handed them off to him and he made it an ac­tual game. I don’t know how any of the cod­ing stuff works. I think it’s some sort of voodoo com­puter magic.

The game is ac­tu­ally playable, right?

Yes, we de­cided the best thing to do was to let the play­ers con­trol the ac­tions for a cer­tain amount of time. When the time was up, or one of the char­ac­ters reached a cer­tain amount of points, it would au­to­mat­i­cally move into Randy The Ram’s power move, the Ram Jam, and end the game. That way, the ac­tors could play it, but it would al­ways end the way it needed to end. [Yet on the day of shoot­ing, prob­lems with the vin­tage con­trollers meant the ac­tors didn’t end up play­ing it them­selves.]

Were you sur­prised by the in­ter­est in the game af­ter­wards?

I was at first. But we’re at the point that stuff from the ’80s and ’90s is all over the place. And since we’re such a tech cul­ture, it’s un­sur­pris­ing that vin­tage tech would be­come so pop­u­lar.

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