As tra­di­tion dic­tates, Fair­burne is a gruff, griz­zled and aloof sort in the mid-mis­sion cine­mat­ics. When be­hind en­emy lines, he’s mute, but that’s made up for by con­stant en­emy chat­ter of the same qual­ity as the rest of the game. Guards com­mu­ni­cate in Ger­man with a dis­tinct English twang; dur­ing cutscenes, how­ever, they mostly speak in Ger­man-ac­cented English. Not even Char­lie Brooker – a se­ries fan who plays a role as well as pro­vid­ing mo­tion cap­ture for sev­eral en­e­mies – can save this.

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